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additional principal and mothly payments

Hello. If I make an additional principal payment will it lower my monthly payments?

I have a 30 year fixed rate mortgage.


Hello. I am remodeling my powder room. Which kind of faucet would you choose: single or double. I googled this question and everybody says the same: single is practical but double is beautiful. Any other consideration like trends or durability?

time to buy outdoor furniture

Hello. Is now a good time to buy outdoor furniture? It will definitely be more expensive by spring but maybe it will be better to wait until mid summer?

New member

Name: Jessie

Age: 28

Location: Massachusetts

Relationship status (married, single, taken, etc.): Married

How many children and/or pets: None yet

Tell us a little bit about your home, is it a condo, townhouse, mobile home, etc: Our house is half a duplex.  It's a foreclosure that was built in 2005, and was in very good condition.  Unfortunately none of the appliances were left, so we had to buy all new ones.  (At least now we know when they were bought, have the receipts and warranties etc)  We've mostly just been painting for right now, and plan to do more intensive/expensive work when we get our tax rebate back :)  Love being a 1st time homebuyer right now!

How long have you owned your home: Since 9/2/09

My favorite thing about owning a home is: Everything.  We just left an apartment complex in a "bad" part of the city, where every night there was someone being loud outside our windows.  Now we live on the outskirts of the city, have woods in the backyard...we are definitely enjoying the peace & quiet.

My least favorite thing about owning a home is:  How much money/time it takes to make it "yours", but it'll definitely be worth it in the end.

Post a picture of your house:

I will post before & after pics of the inside once we have finished all of our projects :)

Some statistics on appraisals

Hello. Is the appraisal price of a house typically higher or lower than the sale price? And if it is lower what the typical outcome? Lowering the price, killing the deal or something else

radon mitigation system

Hello. I have a contract on a house. However, an inspection showed high radon. Most possibly, the seller will agree to install a radon mitigation system. But we are afraid that when we have to resell a house most customers will be scared by the system. Would it be wiser to buy another house, with low radon level than to have radon fixed?

You've heard all about this stimulus package. Wondering what's in it for you? This Old House reports the many ways you can benefit from the new legislation as a homeowner:


Happy April Fools Day from This Old House

In the spirit of April Fools' Day, This Old House Online has put together 18 of the world's wildest houses! See them here!

Spring Cleaning

How is everyone doing?

Getting ready for spring cleaning? I love spring cleaning! I love to let the breeze in and air things out after a long winter! 

best type of heating

Hello. What type of heating  do you think is best for a houseand why?